Almost there: Vienna is getting ready for rehearsals

Since mid-April, the pupils at the Hainburger Straße secondary school have been developing the #DemPupp final performance. They work in two groups: one develops and writes the scenes, the other builds sets and puppets.

Parts of the text have already been recorded, they will be played during the performance together with music and sounds via loudspeakers. Finally, for the performance, the forces will be combined to give space and a voice to the theme of “democracy and human rights” and, last but not least, to give expression to one’s own creativity as well as one’s own ideas and wishes.

In addition to all the writing and crafting, some press interviews were also given. Currently, the final work on stage design and characters is taking place. Rehearsals start on 13 June, the performance will take place on 27 June (6 pm) at the 3rd district office building.

With this photo gallery we would like to give you an insight into the work of the participating students:

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