Mediation methods – work in progress!

The methods used in the project are interactive and participatory and are intended to support the development of democratic competences.


The first aim is to strengthen the democratic competence of the teachers and theatre educators themselves. Only if they have a basic democratic attitude and reflect on it, can they also promote it in young people. This includes reflection on their own political socialisation and their own understanding of democracy and participation. (see: “Find someone who” or “Placemat method”).


For project-based work with children and young people, methods are needed that encourage a fun, playful engagement with a topic and provide plenty of space for discussion and reflection. Therefore, teachers and theatre educators were provided with a method pool that contained proven methods from well-known manuals (such as “Compass” or “Compasito”) as well as methods from the Vienna Forum for Democracy and Human Rights.


These methods are now being tested in the national projects and enriched with artistic and theatre pedagogical approaches.

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