Little Theatre “Duško Radović” – a theater for all children!

Little Theatre “Duško Radović” was founded in 1948 as the “Puppet Theater of the People’s Republic of Serbia”. Since 1968, he has been working in the first dedicated children’s theater in Yugoslavia, organized in two stages. The institution is a repertoire theater for children and youth with a permanent ensemble that prepares and displays plays for children, youth and adults.

The basis of the program concept are projects that deal with topics of educational and social character, dealing with current problems that children and young people face today. The institution explores new theatrical forms and expressions, including various puppetry techniques, with the intention of getting as close as possible to the sensibility of contemporary young audiences.

The performances aim to: connect children of different nationalities, economic and social backgrounds; encouraging thinking about respecting others; support for the preservation of children’s rights, tolerance, recognition and respect for diversity. In addition to performing plays, the Institution develops an active relationship with the audience of specially designed projects for this purpose with the participation of relevant experts on specific topics.

The use of many forms, such as puppets, gignoles, puppets on sticks, shadow theater, masks, black theater, abstraction, confrontation of puppets and actors as living partners, made it possible to cultivate different genres.

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