The play “Better Field or Playing the Re:public” was performed on September 26 at the 23rd Bitef Polyphony.

The play “Better field or playing Re:public” was performed on September 26 at 5 p.m. at the 23rd Bitef Polyphony, which is a side program of the most famous contemporary theater festival in Serbia – BITEF.

After the performances, a workshop and discussion with the audience was held. When the founder and program creator Ljubica Beljanski-Ristić announced the workshop and conversation, she told the audience that not everyone has to stay, but only those who want to. To our great surprise, all the guests in the hall wanted to participate in that part of the program as well, which is not usual, especially when it comes to programs for youth.

Therefore, the director of the play, Aleksandra Jelić, and the performers of the play Better field or playing re:public had to quickly adapt the imagined concept to work with a large number of people in the hall, but in the end, everyone was very satisfied.

Following the Bitef festival thematic line, which highlights the question of labour and the right to work, Bitef Polyphony introduces the question of the right of young authors to work, and the right of children to participation and co-authorship in theatre, in the world of art, culture, and in everyday life, as well as the question of the need for full participation and a life filled with motivation, openness and creation; a life free from pressures, closeness and destruction. 

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